Difference between Voltage and Power amplifier

Difference between Voltage and Power amplifier

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the main difference between Voltage and Power Amplifier.

Difference between Voltage and Power amplifier

S.No. Voltage Amplifier Power Amplifier
1 Transistor chosen should have a high value of beta about 100. Transistor should have a small value of beta about 20 to 50.
2 The load resistance Rc has a high value about a 1OK ohm. The load has a small value of 100 to 200 ohm.
3 An input voltage is low approx a few mV. An input voltage is high about a few volts.
4 Has a low power output and high voltage output. Has a high power output and a low voltage output.
5 Collector current has low-value 100mA. Collector current has a high value in power amplifier.
6 Output impedance has a high value. Output impedance has low value.
7 Usually, R-C coupling is used. Transformer or tuned circuit is always used.


Difference between Power amplifier vs Voltage

Voltage vs Power amplifier

Differences between Power amplifier vs Voltage

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