How to Improve Your Play in Rocket League and Win More Games

How to Improve Your Play in Rocket League and Win More Games

This guide will describe and explain how to improve your mental game so that you can become a better player. This is not a guide on how to improve your positioning or mechanics; however, this guide is equally important to the improvement of your mechanical skills. It's possible that each of us has hit a ceiling with our abilities or simply lost interest in progressing further through the ranks. After finding myself in this predicament on multiple occasions, I finally managed to break free of the pattern.

This guide is intended for Rocket League players who have hit a skill ceiling or experienced mental frustration while playing the game, as well as for players who are looking for help that they may or may not be able to find. Rocket League has caused me to feel a variety of emotions, including mental frustration, anger, and overall stress. This guide is meant to broaden your perspective and show you the bigger picture in order to help you become a better player. I will begin to explain what you need to do in order to break down what you should be thinking about while playing Rocket League, and then I will explain what you should be thinking about. If all you care about is having a good time while playing the game, then this guide is not for you. However, if you are serious about getting better at the game and want to improve your skills, then you should keep reading through this guide.The Overarching Context

The mindset of growth

The Mental Attitude

Because one's mental attitude affects everything, this is one of the most significant chapters of this guide. In the past, I have struggled with having a negative mindset in which I would always want to win, but then I would lose and become angry. The mindset of continual growth is essential for progress. Always keep in mind the things that you are doing well and the areas in which you could improve, such as your mechanics or your positioning. It is intended for you to feel uneasy while learning new game mechanics because that is the only way you will improve as a player, which is something that is always easier to say than to do.

I try to get in about an hour of practice before a ranked match, and I try to get in about an hour of practice after the match is over. I never do things in the same order twice and always vary the amount of work I put in. You can become a better player by training and practicing, which is one of the most important things you can do. However, Rocket league items prices in credits is important to vary your training routine in order to prevent boredom and repetitiveness. You could change the order of the training packs or add new ones altogether, and you could even include a workshop map similar to the dribbling challenge.

Even though it may have been the fault of your teammates, the takeaway message is that you should place a greater emphasis on improving yourself than on winning, and you should never blame anyone else but yourself. This is because dwelling too much on the mistakes of your teammates prevents you from devoting more time to improving yourself. Concentrate on self-improvement and being more upbeat, as well as looking for ways to enhance your current situation.

You will be ruined by toxicity.


Being positive has been shown to have positive effects on health, and being positive while playing a game can help reduce feelings of anger and frustration. It has not been easy trying to find a positive in every situation, but it is better than getting angry. I know it's difficult, and believe me, I know it's hard. It is normal to feel emotions, and doing so demonstrates that you care about the situation; however, you should direct those feelings toward a positive goal and avoid using them to put down either yourself or your teammates. We are all at different skill levels, and while cheap Rocket League items may be difficult to convince yourself that you are not a good player, you will improve to the point where you are an excellent player.

  • The Power of Yet is completely bonkers
  • You are not going to be a very good player just yet
  • You have not yet reached the level of a professional player
  • You have a long way to go before you can dribble effectively
  • It provokes a different response in you compared to if

This is related to the concept of having a growth mindset because adopting an optimistic outlook will help you become a better player while also reducing feelings of rage and frustration. Maintaining positivity can be challenging, especially if you are surrounded by negative teammates; however, you need to keep in mind that he will never reach the same level as you because you are more optimistic and have a more positive frame of mind than he does.

What Is It That You Desire?

This is a question that I have contemplated for some time and one to which I have provided an answer.

  • I have the ambition to play at the professional level
  • If you have the same objective, that's fantastic; tell me about your plans to realize that objective
  • I aspire to earn the title of Grand Champion

The same follow-up question as beforeHow do you plan to work toward accomplishing that objective?

The importance of the goals we set for ourselves in Rocket League is not to be underestimated. These objectives are not going to be accomplished in one week, two weeks, or even one month. Because of this, I see a great number of people lose their focus and, as a result, eventually give up on the goal because it either takes too much time or is too difficult. Again, it is much simpler to declare that you will work toward achieving this goal than it is to actually take the actions necessary to do so.

One piece of guidance that I hope will be helpful to you on your journey is the following:
Imagine that the path to achieving your goal is a staircase, and the destination you have in mind is at the very top of the staircase. You look all the way up, and it appears impossible, and it will take way too much time, but all I ask is that you look at the very first step in the process. First complete that step, then examine the following step, and finally finish the following step.

Consider your aims in terms of their constituent parts. Diamond, then Champion, and finally Grand Champion should be your target. Even more narrowly, you can think. To move up from Diamond 3 to Champion 1, you will need to put in more practice and maintain a consistent training regimen.

There is no easy way around this. It is not possible to learn how to climb the ranks in just ten minutes by reading or watching the content of a guide. In order to achieve your objective, you will need to put the guidance that they may give you into practice and keep working toward it.

Work Morality
In order to accomplish what you set out to do, you need to be as consistent as you can. Some people have difficulty with discipline, and buy Rocket League credits is important to practice it whenever you have free time throughout the day. Although there are those who prefer to compete in ranked play, this is not nearly as helpful as regular training or practice would be. You need to put in as much time as you can practicing and getting warmed up before you can start playing ranked games and grinding. Getting more practice will be more beneficial than just playing in ranked competitions.

  • Get comfortable
  • Change up your workout routine (and don't make  so it's boring and repetitive when there's no reason for it to be)
  • Maintain as much coherence as you can in both your play and your practice

These three suggestions will make a significant impact, and I can assure you that if you take the information and strategies presented in this guide to heart, you will improve as a player over the course of time. You will notice an improvement, no matter how big or how small, in just a week to two weeks' time. It's possible that within a month or two, you've moved up a couple of ranks. The goal is for you to become a better player by developing a more positive mindset and a strong work ethic, and by thinking critically about how you view yourself and the community that is surrounding you.


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