The most popular types of wedding dresses: top 5 from Dream Bridal Couture

The most popular types of wedding dresses: top 5 from Dream Bridal Couture

Wedding fashion is a special world that lives by its own rules, and despite all the latest trends and amazing progress, it still strives for the classics and, according to the classical generally accepted view of wedding fashion, regardless of the status of the bride and heк age, the wedding dress should be white, or the closest shades to it, should emphasize the features of the female figure and the dignity of the natural data of the bride, but at the same time be modest and concise, because bride is a symbol of purity.

According to generally accepted classification, they differentiate these five types of bridal gowns:

  1. Ball Gown
  2. A-Line
  3. Mermaid dress
  4. Fit-and-Flare
  5. Sheath
ball gown wedding dress

Ball Gown: a choice of a princess

The brightest dream of every girl: a voluminous dress with a full puffy skirt in combination with a perfectly fitted bodice, that makes it absolutely ideal for a classical wedding. Although designers advise caution in choosing such a dress for curvy brides, nevertheless, from our personal experience, it is important to focus on your personal preferences and vision of yourself, of course, attention should be paid to the material from which the dress is made, since different fabrics will present the cut and the dress as a whole in completely different ways. And, of course, it is important to trust the creation of your special dress to the professionals who will create a masterpiece for your figure.

A-Line: the universal model for any type of figure

Resembling the outline of an uppercase "A", A-line dress is extremely feminine and according to the decoration, can be presented in the image you need – from the modest dresses for Muslim wedding to the brightest and epic one. Designers say that this dress is the best choice for all body types, but, again, fabric, its quality and density matters. If beauty can save the world, then definitely in an A-line dress.

Just Fit-and-Flare: all the attention to the waist

Recommended for girls with an hourglass and rectangle figure, this dress is nothing more than an improved modification of the mermaid and a-silhouette, where as a result we have a more modest version than a mermaid, but with a bright accent on the waist, which, however, however, it makes the man's heart beat faster, because it makes your forms even more desirable by complimenting the chest and hips.

mermaid style wedding dress

Mermaid: born from the depths of the sea

Sleek, smooth and extremely sexy, this gown just like arms of a beloved man hug you all – from chest to knee, letting you show all the beauty of the curvy body. Be wild and sexy like a mermaid, be yourself.

Sheath: lean frames for stylish look

If you like classics, but want to show your athletic body - a narrow shape of sheath dress that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem is an ideal variant for you. Highly recommended for owners of hourglasses figures and ladies, who want to avoid excess volume in their wedding attire.

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