Difference between Reptiles and Mammals

Difference between Reptiles and Mammals

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Reptiles and Mammals. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Reptiles and Mammals

1. In reptiles, the epidermis is covered with scales whereas, in mammals, the epidermis is covered with hair.

2. Most of the reptiles are with three-chambered heart. All mammals have a four-chambered heart.

3. Most reptiles do not have the diaphragm. Mammals have diaphragm for respiration.

4. Reptiles have a low metabolic rate as compared to mammals.

5. Reptiles are Oviparous i.e. egg laying and there is little care of young. Mammals are Viviparous i.e. young develop within mother placenta, live birth & care of young with milk.

6. In reptiles, growth continues through life while in mammals growth is limited after adulthood.

7. Reptiles have a skull with small brain case and have several bones forming jaw whereas mammals have Skull with expanded brain case and have single bone forming the jaw.

8. In reptiles, teeth continually replaced with simple cheek teeth. In mammals, there are two sets of teeth only (deciduous & permanent) with complex cheek teeth.

9. In reptiles, anterior brain (cerebrum) is relatively small. In mammals, anterior brain (cerebrum) larger and often convoluted.

10. Reptile has Skull with one occipital condyle. The mammal has a skull with two occipital condyles.

11. Reptile has single middle ear bone (columella=stapes). The mammal has three middle ear bones (malleus, incus, stapes).

12. In reptile, the bony palate is usually incomplete. In the mammal, bony palate completely separates nasal passages from the mouth.

13. In reptile, ribs are present on all vertebrae. In the mammal, free ribs confined to thoracic vertebrae.

14. Pelvic bones separate in reptile whereas Pelvic bones fused in a mammal.

15. In reptile, sprawling gait with limbs is emerging horizontally from a body. In mammal, upright stance with limbs directly beneath the body.


Difference between Mammals vs Reptiles

Reptiles vs Mammals

Differences between Mammals vs Reptiles

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