Difference between Stars and Planets

Difference between Stars and Planets

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Stars and Planets. Comparison and Differences.

Stars and planets


In the night sky, stars appear to the naked eye as spiky, twinkling lights. Those stars near the horizon seem to flash and change color. The twinkling and flashing effects are due not to the stars themselves but to the Earth's atmosphere: turbulent air currents cause the stars' light to dance around. The steadiness of the atmosphere is referred to as the seeing. Steady air means good seeing. The spikiness of star images is due to optical effects in the observer's eye. In reality, stars are spheres of gas similar to our own Sun, emitting their own heat and light.

Stars come in various sizes, from giants to dwarfs, and in a range of colors according to their temperature. At first glance, all stars appear white, but more careful inspection reveals that certain ones are somewhat orange, notably Betelgeuse, Antares, Aldebaran, and Arcturus, while others such as Rigel, Spica, and Vega have a bluish tinge. Binoculars bring out the colors more readily than the naked eye does. Section II of this book, starting on page 267, explains more fully the different types of star that exist.


By contrast, planets are cold bodies that shine by reflecting the Sun's light. They too are described in more detail in Section II, from page 304 onwards. The planets are constantly on the move as they orbit the Sun. Four of them can be easily seen with the naked eye: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Venus, the brightest of all, appears as a dazzling object in the evening or morning sky.

About 2000 stars are visible to the naked eye on a clear, dark night, but you will not need to learn them all. Start by identifying the brightest stars and major constellations, and use these as signposts to the fainter, less prominent stars and constellations. Once you know the main features of the night sky, you will never again be lost among the stars.


Difference between Stars and Planets

  1. Stars are dot shaped. Planets are spherical in shape.
  2. Stars have their own light. Planets get light from the stars.
  3. Stars twinkle. Planets do not twinkle.
  4. Stars appear less bright than planets. Planets appear brighter than stars.
  5. A star has a very high temperature. Planets have a moderate temperature.
  6. The stars create light and the plant dont create light.


Difference between Planets vs Stars

Stars vs Planets

Differences between Planets vs Stars

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