What Are Heavy Duty Springs?

Just what characteristics do heavy-duty springs have? Heavy duty springs have to have a structure that is strong for them to be able to endure more demanding circumstances. Heavy-duty springs are designed to withstand rigorous conditions, including heavy loads. These springs are often massive and employed in heavy machinery across many different sectors.

Heavy duty springs have a lot of force and can be either torsion, compression, extensionor springs as well. They are used when the spring must withstand a substantial load in a mechanism, and their huge wire diameters range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in thickness.

Industrial-Strength Compression Springs

Compression springs designed for heavy-duty applications are typically utilized in systems that require significant amounts of force to be applied to the spring. Heavy heavy-duty compression springs can be used in construction, farming equipment, industrial machinery, and also in the oil field machinery environment.

If you look through a catalog of stock compression springs, you might be able to find these springs in stock. However, if you can't find what you need, you can also have them built to order.

Heavy-Duty Extension Springs (also known as HDES)

A heavy-duty spring is indispensable when a high amount of force needs to be pulled on an extension spring. You'll find them in equipment involving powerful hydraulics, huge motor vehicles, and also metal-processing tools.

Heavy-duty extension springs can be ordered from a manufacturer or sourced from a stock extension spring catalog, depending on whether or not your system demands a more precise design.

Heavy Duty Torsion Springs

Lift gates, hatches, and lids typically feature heavy-duty torsion springs. As a result, they can produce a significant amount of torque when subjected to a torque load applied to the legs. For instance, their purpose in the lift gate of a truck is to provide the operator with assistance in securely supporting the gate's weight while bringing it down. In addition, they help the operator return the gate to its initial position with quite minimal effort.

Heavy-duty industrial springs can be produced to order so that they precisely meet the torque specifications of the application for which they are intended to and also satisfy the customer's specifications. You can also go through a catalog of stock torsion springs to get the heavy-duty torsion spring you need.

Die Springs

There are a variety of uses for heavy strength springs beyond only dies. Heavy-duty springs can be found in various tools and machinery, including agricultural and construction machinery, clutches, airplane brakes, and more. Die Springs are heavy-duty springs made of rectangular wire. However, they are somewhat more expensive than round-wire compression springs.

Multiple procedures can be used to increase the cycle life expectancy of heavy-duty springs.

Among these procedures are:

  • Shot-peening
  • Coating and plating choices
  • Pre-set to prevent length loss
  • Closed ground ends ensure stability.

Remember that you may incur additional costs for some of these procedures because they are not standard during the spring manufacturing process and must be requested by the customer.

If you want your spring to last longer, shot peening is the way to go, and if you would want it to be able to stand up erect on a flat surface, ground ends are the way to do it. On the other hand, if your spring is going to be used in rough conditions, the plating can be a good idea. Plating choices can be utilized for various purposes, including spring safety methods or even improving the product's look. Aside from enhancing the spring's durability, the plating can also have a purely aesthetic purpose. For example, in systems where the spring is on display, you may make it stand out by choosing a plating option and tone that complements the overall design.

The following are examples of available plating options:

  • Zinc
  • Black Oxide
  • Gold Irridite
  • Powder Coating
  • Color Coding

Get in touch with our experienced engineers if you want to buy, design, or enhance existing heavy-duty spring designs.


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