Difference between Wave and Tidal Energy

Difference between Wave and Tidal Energy

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Wave Energyand Tidal Energy. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Wave and Tidal Energy

S.No. Wave Energy Tidal Energy
1 Harnessed from waves moving along the surface of the ocean using offshore and onshore systems. Harnessed from the rise and fall of sea levels using barrages, dams, tidal fences and tidal turbines.
2 Caused by wind. Caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the Earth.
3 Intensity is affected by wind strength. Intensity is affected by location and position of the Earth.
4 Types of wave energy include kinetic energy. Types of tidal energy include kinetic and potential energy.
5 Continuous source of energy. Discontinuous source of energy that is generated for about 6 - 12 hours at a time.
6 Extremely high start-up costs to design and develop the technology required. High construction costs but low maintenance costs.


Difference between Tidal Energy vs Wave

Wave vs Tidal Energy

Differences between Tidal Energy vs Wave

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