Difference between e-Commerce and m-Commerce

Difference between e-Commerce and m-Commerce

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between e-Commerce and m-Commerce. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between e-Commerce and m-Commerce

S.No. e-Commerce m-Commerce
1 E-commerce devices include computers and laptops and they are not easy to carry. M-commerce devices include mobile, tablets, iPads, and PDAs and they are easy to carry.
2 Came into existence from the 1970s. Started in the 1990s.
3 It is a superset in technology. It is a subset.
4 Use of the internet is mandatory. Use of the internet is not mandatory.
5 Reach is narrow, as it is available only in those places where is internet available with electricity. Reach is broad due to its portability.


Sale / Purchase of goods / services through electronic mode is e-commerce. This could include the use of technology in the form of Computers, Desktops, Mobile Applications, etc. E-Commerce and its related technologies are unquestionably the current leading-edge business and finance delivery systems. It refers to the use of technology to enhance the processing of commercial transactions between a company, its customers and its business partners. It involves the automation of a variety of Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business-To-Consumer (B2C) transactions through reliable and secure connections. In e-commerce, online chats are an opportunity to answer customer questions, help them purchase your goods in real-time and to reduce the cost of incoming and outgoing calls. There are many free live chat plugins and scripts for websites available today which offer multifunctional online chat for your business to engage clients.


M-commerce is a new area arising from the marriage of electronic commerce with emerging mobile and pervasive computing technology. M-Commerce, or Mobile Commerce, refers to the process of buying and selling products and services with the use of internet/cellular data via wireless handheld devices. Usally, M-commerce refers to online payment transactions that happen over a mobile device.

For business owners who are used to the traditional e-commerce platforms, making a shift towards m-commerce can be daunting. However, there are proven benefits that will make the shift worthy in every business sense. Mobile apps, which are a crucial component of m-commerce, allows retailers to collect crucial information of the users. Consumer-oriented data such as browsing behavior, shopping interests, and time spent on the app are helpful analytics. With the rise of big data and AI, retailers can send better-targeted promotions that are more likely to engage and convert.


Difference between m-Commerce vs e-Commerce

e-Commerce vs m-Commerce

Differences between m-Commerce vs e-Commerce

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