Difference between Fertilizers and Manure

Difference between Fertilizers and Manure

Distinguish, compare and explain what is the difference between Fertilizers and Manure. Comparison and Differences.

What is Manure ?

Manures are the substances which are organic in nature, capable of supplying plant nutrients in available form , bulky in nature having low analytical value and having no definite composition and most of them are obtained from animal and plant waste products.

What is Fertilizer ?

A fertilizer can be defined as a mined or manufactured material containing one or more essential plant nutrients in potentially available forms in commercially valuable amounts. Formerly, the word in use was “DUNG”in English (at present fertilizer). It is derived from the old German word “TUNG” meaning storage pit covered with manure for protection of soil against cold .From Tung “TUNGEN is derived (to cover ) and then dung (fertilizer ) as the cover . The corresponding English word “Fertilizer” which is now accepted internationally in view of the old English word DUNG was derived from Latin word “Fertil” .

Difference between Fertilizers and Manure

1. Fertilizers are commercially available plant nutrients. Manure is a natural substance prepared by Me decomposition of animal excreta and plant wastes.

2. Fertilizers can be organic or inorganic in nature. Manure is known to have a large quantity of organic materials and very little amount of plant nutrients.

3. Fertilizers ensure healthy growth and development of plants by providing them with nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc. Manure help in enriching the soil with organic matter and nutrients.

4. The addition of fertilizers to the soil requires special guidelines such as dose time, post addition precautions, etc to be followed. The addition of manure does not require any special guidelines.

5. A Fertilizer does not provide any humus to the soil. Manure provides humus to the soil and increases soil fertility.

6. Chemicals in the fertilizers are washed away in the nearby water bodies, causing water and soil pollution. No side effects of manure are absorbed.


Difference between Manure vs Fertilizers

Fertilizers vs Manure

Differences between Manure vs Fertilizers

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