Dog Grooming Tips and Training: How Often Should You Groom?

Dog Grooming Tips and Training: How Often Should You Groom?

Did you know that fleas can make your pet sick? They can cause dermatitis. While this condition isn't life-threatening, it can make them miserable and itchy.

If your dog is still a little puppy, you'll need to worry about them developing anemia from fleas.

So, what can you do to limit your furry friend's risk of getting sick? The answer is to groom them on a normal basis.

Dogs need to take a bath every few months. They also need a fur trim and nail grinding.

Check out these dog grooming tips that will make keeping your dog clean simple and painless.


Brushing your dog will get dead skin out of its coat. It can also reduce the amount of shedding you have to contend with, and stimulate oil production, to keep your pet's coat healthy.

How often you brush your dog depends on the type of fur they have. Short-haired dogs only need a brushing once a week or so.

Long-haired dogs have to be groomed, pretty much every day. The same goes for dogs with thick undercoats.


There is such a thing as bathing your dog too often. If you plop them in your tub once a week, you might be drying out your pet's skin.

Unless your dog rolls in something smelly outside, you only need to bathe them twice a year. If your dog gets muddy, you can rinse them off instead of using actual dog shampoo.

Keep in mind that again, different dog breeds have different grooming needs. If your pet has a thick undercoat, it'll need monthly baths.

Long-haired dogs need to be shampooed once every 6 weeks to prevent their fur from becoming matted.

Nail Trimming

How often you trim your dog's nails depends on the floor surfaces in your home. If you have hardwood floors, walking on them will help keep your dog's nails filed down. If you regularly take your dog for walks across asphalt, that will do the trick as well.

If your home is carpeted, however, your pet will need a nail trim every 3 weeks. If you're worried about your fussy canine sitting still for a nail grinding, click for dog training tips.

Hair Clipping

Unless there is something medically wrong with your dog, they don't need a trim if they have short fur. Long-haired dogs are a different story. They need a good haircut every 12 weeks or more.

A good indicator that your pet needs a trim is if their hair is growing over their eyes. If their fur seems a bit tangled, there's a good chance that it's making your dog uncomfortable.

Dog Grooming Tips to Live By

To keep your furry friend healthy and flea-free, regular grooming is necessary.

As you can see from these dog grooming tips, how often you bathe and trim your pet's fur depends on their breed. Long-haired dogs need a lot more attention than short-haired ones.

For more grooming and training advice, visit the Pets & Animals section of our blog.


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