What are Difference between accept and except

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Accept and Except. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Accept and Except

Accept and Except are the two similar sounding words in English which confuses everyone all times in using when one of them.


Accept in general means to receive something either a material or an immaterial. Except in general refers to being apart or exclude of.

Accept is a verb and have several meanings either to receive something or to hold something or to say yes for something.

Examples of using Accept as a verb to hold: The teacher accepts the late assignment as some of the students were busy in the participation of annual functions.

Examples of using Accept as a verb to receive: We don't accept credit cards, only cash transactions are allowed.

Examples of using Accept as a verb to say yes: The management have accepted your resignation and they have started formalities for your relieving.


The word except is most commonly seen as a preposition. However, it can also be used a conjunction and very occasionally as a verb.

Except as a preposition means apart from. Example: I can play any indoor game except chess.

Except as a conjunction means but or 'if not the fact that'. Example: I am going for a horror movie except i am not alone.

Except as a verb means to exclude. Example: The former president will be excepted for new voting.


Difference between except vs accept

accept vs except

Differences between except vs accept

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