Difference between Flora and Fauna

Difference between Flora and Fauna

Distinguish, compare and explain what is the main difference between Flora and Fauna. Comparison and Differences.


The flora of a country consists of plant kingdom of that country. It covers trees in the forests, other flowering and non-flowering frees grown by man, grassland, scrubs, fens, etc. India possesses about 47,000 different species of plants and 5,000 of them are exclusively found in India.


The fauna of a country consists of birds, fish and animals. It also includes amphibians, reptiles, mammals, small insects and worms. The fauna of India is quite rich and varied. There are about 89,000 species in India.

Difference between Flora and Fauna

1. Flora refers to all living plants in a particular area. Fauna refers to all animals living in a particular area.

2. Sal, teak, mango etc. form the flora of Panchmarhi biosphere reserve. Leopord, wolf, wild dog etc form the fauna of Panchmarhi biosphere reserve.


Difference between Fauna vs Flora

Flora vs Fauna

Differences between Fauna vs Flora

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