Difference between Mountain and Hill

Difference between Mountain and Hill

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Mountain and Hill. Comparison and Differences of Landforms.

What are Mountains ?

Mountain is a very large and natural elevation of the earths surface rising more or less abruptly to the summit. Mountain is a large mass of earth and rock, rising above the common level of the earth or adjacent land, usually given by geographers as above 1968 feet in height. Mountains are the sources of permanent ice caps which in turn feed the rivers (throughout the year with its water where as hills do not have this characteristic.

Characteristics of Mountains

A mountain has 4 main characteristics :
1. High rocky land
2. Steep sides
3. Pointed or rounded top
4. Higher than a hill
Example: Himalayan Mountains

What are Hills ?

Hill is the small and natural elevation of the earths surface. Hill is usually rounded area of land that is higher than the land around it but that is not as high as a mountain. Hills are comparatively shorter and majority of them are mostly less than 1968 feet.

Characteristics of Hills

A hill has 2 main characteristics :
1. Raised part of the Earths surface
2. Sloping sides
Example: The Black Hills

Difference between Mountain and Hill

S.No. Mountain Hill
1 A natural mound of earth created by faulting. A natural mound of earth created either by faulting or erosion.
2 A steep rise in the landscape. A "bump" in the landscape.
3 Higher altitude and elevation, with a defined summit or peak. Lower altitude and elevation, with a rounded top.
4 Its harder and more challenging to climb a mountain. Comparatively easier to climb a hill.
5 Often named. Often unnamed.


Difference between Hill vs Mountain

Mountain vs Hill

Differences between Hill vs Mountain

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