What are Difference between Stomata and Hydathode

Compare, distinguish and explain what is the difference between Stomata and Hydathode. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Stomata and Hydathode

1. Stomata occur on epidermis of leaves, young stems, etc. Hydathodes generally occur at the tip or margins of leaves of those plants that grow in moist shady places.

2. Stomatal aperture is guarded by two kidney shaped guard cells. The aperture of hydathode is surrounded by a ring of cuticularised cells.

3. The two guard cells are generally surrounded by subsidiary cells. The subsidiary cells are absent.

4. The opening and dosing of stomatal aperture is regulated by guard cells. Hydathode pore remains always open.

5. These are the structure involved in transpiration and exchange of gases. Hydathodes are involved in guttation.


Difference between Hydathode vs Stomata

Stomata vs Hydathode

Differences between Hydathode vs Stomata