Difference between Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Herbs, Shrubs and Trees. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

S.No. Herbs Shrubs Trees
1 Herbs are seed producing, annual, non-woody plants. Shrubs are woody plants that contain several main stems arising near the ground. Trees are woody, perennials with a single trunk, growing to a considerable height.
2 Have non-woody, soft stems. Have thick, but not hard woody stems. Have thick, hard, and brown woody stems.
3 Stems do not have branches. Have branches at their bases. Have branches in a single stem.
4 Short in height. Tall in height. Tallest in height.
5 Annual, biennial or perennials Mainly perennials Perennials
6 Add flavor to food and provide medicines. Have a medicinal value, and can be used in gardening. Prevent soil erosion, maintain the carbon dioxide content in the air, and provide wood.


Difference between Trees vs Herbs, Shrubs

Herbs, Shrubs vs Trees

Differences between Trees vs Herbs, Shrubs

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