What are Difference between Grafting and Layering

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Grafting and Layering. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Grafting and Layering

1. Grafting is a technique of inserting a part of one plant into another plant in such a way that the two will unite and continue their growth. Layering: Stems that form roots while still attached to the parent plants are called layers. Propagating the plants in this method is known as layering.

2. Two plants of the same species are required for grafting. Only one plant is required for layering.

3. Grafting helps to pressure and perpetuate varieties that cannot reproduce by vegetative method. In layering we can propagate the plant varieties which are required by us.

4. Grafting is used to obtain a plant with desirable characters. In layering the plant already has desirable characters is propagated.

5. In grafting, the two plants stock and scion and joined together in such a way that two stems join and grow as a single plant. The common practice in layering is to injure the portion to be layered by notching, cutting, girdling.

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Difference between Layering vs Grafting

Grafting vs Layering

Differences between Layering vs Grafting